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Pembroke Pines (K-8) Campus - Service Hours


As agreed to by all Parents/Guardians and defined in the Parent School Contract, Franklin Academy families must complete service hours each academic year. Franklin Academy’s family service hour agreement states that Franklin families will be required to perform eight (8) hours of service for the academic year regardless of the number of students enrolled.


1) Service hours may be completed at any Franklin Academy campus, and you are not limited to the campus your child attends. If you are performing your hours at a different campus, you MUST bring your Service Hour ID with you as the staff may not be able to look up your records if your child does not attend that campus.

2) In an effort to offer Parents/Guardians the greatest opportunity to fulfill their service hour obligations, Franklin Academy is implementing a new system that will automate and simplify the process. This system will interact with our Raptor Security System and enables parents to use one portal for all service hour information.  This one portal will allow parents to view and sign-up for service hour opportunities and view the number of service hours completed.  Parents will be able to view their completed service hours as soon as they are posted to Raptor.

To Access the Volunteer Portal you are required to complete a one-time “Volunteer Application”.  Once the application is approved, you will receive an email with instructions on the next steps, including a link to setup your portal password. All information will remain confidential.

First-time Portal Users: Click HERE to comple the volunteer application. 

Returning Portal Users: Click HERE to sign in. 

If you have any questions regarding your service hour obligation, please do not hesitate to contact your Service Hour Coordinator at:


Service Hour Brochure

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18-19 Off Campus Service Hour Form

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